An Evening with Damon Kitney: A Deep Dive into Australian Wealth and Journalism

The fusion of journalism and private wealth makes for a compelling story - one that Damon Kitney has mastered.

On Wednesday, 28th June 2023, at the illustrious Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Perth, Western Australia, PrivateInvest hosted an enriching session with the eminent financial journalist, Damon Kitney.
Mark Roberts, Executive Chairman of PrivateInvest turned the tables on Damon as a journalist were Mark
interviewed Damon.

The evening was an exploration into the intricate tapestry of journalism, private wealth, and the human stories intertwined therein. For those who couldn’t attend or wish to revisit the insightful discussions, the full event replay is available for viewing below.

A Journey Through the Labyrinth of Journalism and Private Wealth

Born in Perth and having spent his formative years in Canberra, Damon Kitney’s journalistic journey began under the shadow of his father’s polical journalism career with the Daily News in Perth. As he navigated through the dynamic terrains of the journalism world, from Perth to Sydney, his stories drew a vivid picture of the private wealth landscape in Australia.

His pivot to corporate reporting in 1999 marked a defining turn in his career. Over the last two decades, Damon has immersed himself in stories of private companies and the humans behind them. With the digital age shaping the contours of modern journalism, he spoke at length about the challenges and opportunities it presented.

Drawing parallels from his bestselling biography of James Packer, “The Price of Fortune: The untold story of being James Packer,” Damon expounded on the theme of wealth, mortality, and resilience. With many of his subjects having battled life-altering events like cancer or personal losses, their stories underscore the human spirit’s indomitable nature.

Damon’s reflections on the digital “beast” encapsulates the duality of the digital age. While it offers unparalleled opportunities, it also presents unique challenges. Yet, amidst this, Damon had cherished moments, such as the trust he built with Lindsey Fox and his family. Through his narratives, he highlighted the contrasts of inherited versus self-made wealth, noting that humility often proves to be the defining trait of successful business figures.

Reflecting on the labyrinthine world of private wealth, Damon emphasized the significance of a capable team, especially in cases like James Packer’s intricate wealth transfer. He also underscored the importance of the inner sanctum of advisors.

As he spoke about identifying intriguing figures to interview, Damon revealed a poignant narrative. An interview pitch he received concerning the Chief Operating Officer of Amazon Australia, focusing on the tragic loss of her daughter to leukemia, resonated with a vast readership. This not only emphasized the power of personal stories but also showcased the human side of global corporations.

For those interested in deep-diving into these discussions and more, click here to watch the full event. And to ensure you don’t miss out on future insightful sessions, stay tuned to PrivateInvest’s upcoming events by following us on LinkedIn.

This event was part of the PrivateInvest Insights calendar, promoting research and educational topics on financial markets-related activities that interest our investors and clients.

Damon Kitney

Financial Journalist

Damon has spent more than 25 years in financial journalism in a variety of writing and editing roles in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth, including five years as a deputy editor of the Australian Financial Review.

From 2010 to 2021, Damon was the Victorian business editor at The Australian, based in Melbourne. He now has his own publishing and advisory business and a weekly column in The Weekend Australian called “The Inner Sanctum”, the inspiration behind his book of the same name, telling the untold personal stories of the nation’s richest and most private people.

He is also the author of the best seller biography of James Packer titled: “The Price of Fortune: The untold story of being James Packer.”

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