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Did you know if you swapped your eyes with those of an eagle, you could see an ant crawling on the ground from a ten-story building? Whilst the PrivateInvest team may not possess an eagle eyesight, we meticulously oversee our credit origination, credit process, investment and finance facility management which is delivered through a boutique personalised service.

Our investment business model is tailored to the unique financial objectives and preferences of investment Family Offices, professional investors, High Net and Ultra High Net Worth investors.

PrivateInvest offers three distinct investment options for qualified investors.

While there is a broad choice for our investors, the same investment philosophy applies across all products: a high focus on capital preservation, investment stability, and achieving quality above industry average risk adjusted returns.

We achieve this by identifying high quality Australian real estate investment opportunities – taking a robust but flexible approach to loan assessment and portfolio management.

Explore the investment summary options below.

How To Apply For Investment

The minimum Application Amount for investment is $100,000 and thereafter in $10,000 multiples, although the Trustee may accept lesser amounts in its absolute discretion.

Our flagship PrivateInvest First Mortgage Income Fund is currently accepting investor applications.

To invest in our PrivateInvest First Mortgage Income Fund, you must be qualified as a wholesale or sophisticated investor (as defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act).

If you are unsure whether you meet this criteria or would like to find out more, contact a member of our team, or watch the video below.

PrivateInvest Investment Offers

First Mortgage Income Fund

Monthly interest returns paid into your bank account

First Mortgage Target Returns:8.25% to 9.25% per annum, post fees and expenses.

This Fund is a pooled, open-ended, unregistered Unit Trust for wholesale and sophisticated investors. Distributions are paid monthly.

The objective of the Fund is to provide wholesale and sophisticated investors with a professionally managed exposure to a nationally diversified portfolio of commercial finance secured by registered first mortgages over real estate.

The Fund has always met its target returns since inception over five years ago with a strong focus on capital preservation and liquidity.

This Fund is “pure play” meaning there is no subordinated debt in the Fund, or debt leverage to bolster the investment returns.

There have been no impairments, or loss of capital in the Fund.

Select Mortgage Trusts

Your choice on selecting and investing into individual loans

First Mortgage Target Returns: 7.50% to 11.00% per annum, post fees and expenses.

The Trusts are mortgage trusts, structured as an unregistered Unit Trust, for wholesale and sophisticated investors.

A mortgage trust allows you to select the loan, or loans, you wish to invest in secured by registered first mortgages over real estate.

You can invest in Units in the Trust alongside others that are syndicated to the specific Loan you select. In this way, you can effectively select the level of participation you have, and which of the loans you invest in.

Other lenders can also syndicate in the loan under bi-lateral facility agreements with PrivateInvest.

Want To Learn More?


The pandemic has taught the world the value of conducting video conference calls and staying productive at your desk.

If you have an interest in learning more about the growing alternative credit market in Australia, particularly with PrivateInvest and its investments secured by tangible assets such as registered mortgages, and supported by borrower guarantees, then we invite you to learn more. Schedule a one-on-one video meeting directly with one of the senior executives at PrivateInvest to gain further insights.

To arrange a mutual suitable time, simply email and we will respond promptly to you to determine a mutually agreed time. 

Borrowing From Us

A Capital Partnership Approach to Project Financing

As a non-bank lender, PrivateInvest offers an extensive range of financing solutions for Borrowers and Brokers. Our specialised technical management team understand the importance of a timely decision-making and credit process.

We would welcome your business.

“We know property. Our specialist team has decades of property experience in structuring credit for property transactions gained from working at leading investment firms and institutions. Our investment and lending options are designed to help you achieve your investment and finance objectives”.

Leon Boyatzis – Director, Head of Funds Management, Trustee Board Member


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