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PrivateInvest is a non-bank lender, and our investment offerings are categorised as an alternative investment class. PrivateInvest has actively embraced an educational and research promotional initiative, dedicating ourselves to exploring and disseminating information on financial markets. These topics are of interest to a diverse range of stakeholders associated with our business.

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Capital Preservation +
Higher Risk Adjusted Averages

PrivateInvest offers alternative investment opportunities in registered first and second mortgage property security for wholesale and sophisticated investors within the Australian market. Since our inception, we have maintained a record of no impairments or capital losses, emphasising a strong commitment to capital preservation while delivering above industry average risk-weighted returns. PrivateInvest investments options include the First Mortgage Income Fund, Select Mortage Trust and PrivateInvest + Capital Trust.

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Borrowing From Us

A Capital Partnership Approach to Project Financing

As a non-bank lender, PrivateInvest offers an extensive range of financing solutions for Borrowers and Brokers. Our specialised technical management team understand the importance of a timely decision-making and credit process.

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