PrivateInvest Select Mortgage Trusts

An opportunity to invest for yield income on selected loans backed by first mortgage security.

For Investors Seeking Direct Investment

Tailored for investors pursuing direct involvement, our Select Mortgage Trusts present larger, individual registered first mortgages, enabling you to choose the specific loan or loans for your investment. Opting for individual loans over a pooled fund, you can invest in Trust units syndicated to your chosen loan, providing flexibility to determine your level of participation and select preferred investments.

Currently OPEN for investment – PrivateInvest Select Mortgage Trust No 4. 

Whitlam, ACT – Residential Development Site

Target 10% Return, post fees and expenses

Monthly distribution

Investment Term – 12 months

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Select Mortgage Trusts Overview

Your choice on selecting and investing into individual loans

Target Returns: 7.50% to 11.00% per annum, post fees and expenses.

Designed as unregistered Unit Trusts for wholesale and sophisticated investors, our mortgage trusts provide a unique investment opportunity.

With the flexibility to choose specific loans secured by registered first mortgages in real estate, investors can opt for Units in the Trust, syndicated to their selected loan. This allows for a tailored level of participation, and through bilateral facility agreements, other lenders can also join the loan syndication with PrivateInvest.

The Trusts are mortgage trusts, structured as an unregistered Unit Trust, for wholesale and sophisticated investors.

A mortgage trust allows you to select the loan, or loans, you wish to invest in secured by registered first mortgages over real estate.

You can invest in Units in the Trust alongside others that are syndicated to the specific Loan you select. In this way, you can effectively select the level of participation you have, and which of the loans you invest in.

Other lenders can also syndicate in the loan under bi-lateral facility agreements with PrivateInvest.

Larger investors who aim to secure the entire loan by mandating PrivateInvest to procure loans through its extensive network of loan brokers are required to maintain a minimum investment in the PrivateInvest First Mortgage Income Fund. Conversely, smaller investors have the option to express their interest with PrivateInvest, and these Select Trust loans are then shared among other smaller investors. The diverse range of target investment returns fluctuates due to the nature of the assets being funded.

How To Apply For Investment

The minimum Application Amount for investment is $100,000 and thereafter in $10,000 multiples, although the Trustee may accept lesser amounts in its absolute discretion.

To invest you must be qualified as a wholesale or sophisticated investor (as defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act).

If you are unsure whether you meet this criteria or would like to find out more, contact a member of our team, or watch the video below.

Investing With Us

Capital Preservation +
Higher Risk Adjusted Averages

PrivateInvest offers alternative investment opportunities in registered first and second mortgage property security for wholesale and sophisticated investors within the Australian market. Since our inception, we have maintained a record of no impairments or capital losses, emphasising a strong commitment to capital preservation while delivering above industry average risk-weighted returns. PrivateInvest investments options include the First Mortgage Income Fund, Select Mortage Trust and PrivateInvest + Capital Trust.

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Borrowing From Us

A Capital Partnership Approach to Project Financing

As a non-bank lender, PrivateInvest offers an extensive range of financing solutions for Borrowers and Brokers. Our specialised technical management team understand the importance of a timely decision-making and credit process.

We would welcome your business.

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Applications are open to Wholesale or Sophisticated investors from Australia and overseas EXCEPT the US.

An investment is subject to investment risk. You should read the Information Memorandum to understand the investment risks before investing.


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