An Evening with Nathan Lynch: The Lucky Laundry

From Curtin University to Financial Crime: Unravelling Dark Money with Nathan Lynch

Every industry has its experts, the individuals who dive into the recesses of topics we often overlook. One such individual is Nathan Lynch, a Financial Crime Expert, who over the past two decades has acquainted himself with the intricate maze of the financial underworld.

On Thursday, 16th March 2023, the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club played host to an exclusive insights event by PrivateInvest, where financial crime expert Nathan Lynch took the audience on a journey into the enigmatic world of financial transgressions. Below is a comprehensive outline of the riveting discussions that took place.

For those interested in delving deeper into the event, the full video is available for viewing below.

From Perth to Global Financial Watchdog

Nathan Lynch’s entry into the media realm commenced at Curtin University in Perth, studying journalism in the mid-90s. Here, he encountered forward-thinking entrepreneurs drawn to business-to-business publishing amidst a waning media market. This pivotal connection culminated in an arrangement propelling Nathan deeper into the media sector.

Nathan’s subsequent two-decade association with Thomson Reuters was a myriad of experiences. Ascending through the organization, he managed a global team, penned books with the backing of private investors, and collaborated with esteemed entities such as the Asian Development Bank and the US Department of Justice. His collaborations primarily focused on capacitating individuals to challenge financial delinquencies in nascent nations.

Highlighting Australia’s distinct susceptibilities, Nathan emphasised the country’s exposure to intricate financial crimes. Cases in point were the Russian money laundering schemes and the transformation of Perth Mint from a gold smelting firm to a global fintech conglomerate intertwined with cryptocurrency. However, lurking beneath was its controversial status as Australia’s premier illicit, unregistered remittance entity.

Superannuation emerges as a magnet for global malefactors. An episode in 2009 likened an assault on Australian superannuation to the notorious Bernie Madoff incident. Entities like Perth Mint exhibited a grave risk unawareness, leading to potential detrimental outcomes.

A fascinating character in the financial crime tapestry, Bill Mike, transitioned from a euro bond trader to an undercover operative, delving into Miami’s money laundering in the 1990s. Presently based in Hong Kong, Mike presents a captivating perspective into covert money laundering machinations.

For Western Australia, the overarching threats pivot around reputational and money laundering dangers. With the global financial milieu experiencing tectonic shifts and the specter of geopolitical strains, it’s imperative to uphold a stringent vigil and adopt countermeasures against monetary transgressions.

Southeast Asia has not been immune to the lures of illicit earnings. Opportunists seize any chance to earn heftily with minimum effort. Simultaneously, corporate behemoths like Westpac, while circumventing regulatory barriers, inadvertently enabled sinister transactions, even assisting child exploiters in the Philippines.

Nathan Lynch’s elucidations provided invaluable insights into financial malfeasances’ complex landscape. This domain intersects with geopolitics, economics, and personal livelihoods, underscoring the significance of discernment and information in these turbulent times.

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This event was part of the PrivateInvest Insights calendar, promoting research and educational topics on financial markets-related activities that interest our investors and clients.

Nathan Lynch

Financial Crime Expert

Nathan Lynch has seen first-hand the disturbing complexities of the hidden world of dark money. Across two decades, Nathan gained forensic insight into the techniques the world’s kleptocrats, criminals and terrorists use to wash their illicit wealth. Nathan has trained police, government officials and bankers across Asia and the Middle East on the techniques the world’s criminals use to conceal and clean their dirty money. Nathan also manages Thomson Reuters’ Regulatory Intelligence team across the Asia-Pacific region.


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