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Australian Investment Fund Manager + Private Commercial Credit Partner to the Property Sector

Who Are 

PrivateInvest is an investment fund manager in non-bank lending with an impressive pedigree in funds management for wholesale and sophisticated investors. We are large enough to offer you the expertise, industry leadership, and governance expected of major financial institutions, but are small enough to ensure both borrowers and investors have a personalised service and direct access to all team members, when required.

As an Investor, Borrower or Broker, you will benefit from our national footprint and diversified portfolio, combined with our “hands on” business approach and our “eagle eye” attention to detail

Investing With Us

Capital Preservation +
Higher Risk Adjusted Averages

As an Investment Fund Manager, PrivateInvest offers alternative investment opportunities in registered first and second mortgage property security for wholesale and sophisticated investors within the Australian market. Since our inception, we have maintained a record of no impairments or capital losses, emphasising a strong commitment to capital preservation while delivering above industry average risk-weighted returns. PrivateInvest investments options include the First Mortgage Income Fund, Select Mortage Trust and PrivateInvest + Capital Trust.

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Borrowing From Us

A Capital Partnership Approach to Project Financing

As a non-bank lender, PrivateInvest offers an extensive range of financing solutions for Borrowers and Brokers. Our specialised technical management team understand the importance of a timely decision-making and credit process.

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Big Enough Small Enough

Big Enough. Small Enough.

We only finance projects in the property industry

PrivateInvest is a commercial non-bank lender, offering tailored and competitive financing solutions for commercial property investment. Unlike traditional banks, we only finance projects in the property industry and with a broader range of structured property finance throughout Australia.

Choice of Income Fund/Trusts for investors

We offer wholesale and sophisticated investors with the option of selecting from a variety of Income Fund/Trusts which provide investors a range of income returns, income distribution frequency and liquidity. Our investors have received above industry average risk adjusted returns across all Fund/Trusts, with no loss of capital or impairment in our history.

National footprint + diversification

Like the wedge tail eagle, we have a large wingspan with investment and finance spanning throughout Australia providing investors and borrowers diversification by asset type, class, market location and entry timing which lowers portfolio risk as different asset classes do well at different times.      

Time is money

We are big enough to have capital underwriting which benefits our investors by lowering the risk that our Income Fund/Trusts have excess cash reserves which dilute investment returns, while the capital underwriting allows borrowers the confidence to sign finance offers that are not subject to capital raising. 

Governance + reporting

Our Trustee Board has Non-Executive Directors overseeing our highly skilled management team with additional oversight from our Investment Review Committee.  PrivateInvest’s flexible risk assessment model is bolstered by our robust internal and external controls that oversee all aspects of the business.

Decades of experience

Our expert technical finance team in PrivateInvest Credit possesses extensive property expertise, with the team collectively having decades of experience in various areas, including banking, direct development, construction, valuation, and credit analysis adopting an “hands on” approach to operations and an active investment management model. 

PrivateInvest Insights

As an investment fund manager and non-bank lender, we are committed to implementing an educational and research promotional program to pursue and promote topics regarding financial markets, catering to the diverse stakeholders associated with our business and financial market topics. View our videos and read our articles to learn more about what is happening within the investment ecosystem.

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Our Team

Transparent, trustworthy, and forward-thinking values-based investment business.

PrivateInvest has assembled a team of highly qualified industry professionals who share a common culture and commitment to strive to be the best choice for both our investors and borrowers.

“We have an exclusive focus on real estate and commercial property development opportunities, offering a range of investment funds that provide market exposure to a professionally managed and nationally diversified portfolio of commercial property finance.”

Mark Roberts – PrivateInvest Founder and Executive Chairman


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